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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Module 3: Quiz Time

Philippines Under American and Japanese Colonization


1.) When did the Philippine-American War or sometimes known as Philippine War of Independence occur?

2.) It was an act which was approved by the United States Congress that concerns economic conditions that governs the independence of the Philippines for the United States.

3.) Who was the allied commander in the Philippines on the day of the attack of the Pearl Harbor?

4.) What kind of government was seen in the Philippines during the time of Japanese colonization?

5.) What did the Filipinos call the fiat peso during the Japanese rule in the Philippines?

6.) It was the march in Bataan that causes the death of many Filipino.

7.) What law promises independence and the establishment of a stable government during 1961?
8.) It was the military arm of the Communist Party of the Philippines formed in 1942 against Japanese.

9.) A United States federal law which provided for self-government of the Philippines after a period of ten years.

10.) Period of Indirect Occupation and there is political independence, but domination continues in the economy easier because of colonial mentality.

Module 3: Philippines Under American and Japanese Colonization

2.Bell Trade Act
3.Douglas Macarthur
4.Puppet Government
5.Mickey Mouse Money
6.Bataan Death March
7.Jones Law
9.Tydings–McDuffie Act
10.Neo Colonialism

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