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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Philippine President: Elpidio Quirino

Elpidio Quirino ( 1948 – 1953)

Condition of the Philippines:

The Philippines was greatly affected by graft and corruption by the political leaders. Political terrorism was also rampant because of the members of the HUK. The majority of the Filipinos who are below the poverty line was also neglected during his administration.

Primary Problems:

Unemployment is very evident during his term because the Americans were gradually decreasing their activities in the Philippines. Poverty is also present, particularly on the starvation problems of the people in the Mt. Provinces. Also, the wages of people cannot compensate to the expenditures and prices of the products due to inflation. The farmlands of the Filipinos during his time were also disturbed by locusts and plagues of rats which render the crops indispensable and useless for the farmers. Housing is also a problem since the war has destroyed several sites in the provinces which cannot be renovated for future use. Another problem is on communication, several Filipinos are still cut off which resulted from the war.

Promises in the Election:

Roxas promised, particularly on his inaugural speech that he will help the Filipinos to rebuild, repair and replace the existing system. He promised to find solutions in the problems regarding the unemployment of the people. Moreover, increase in wages of the people will also be implemented so as people can also be purchasers, not just producers to level with the problem of inflation. Meanwhile, the president would see to it that prices will be controlled in the market meaning that there will be no overpricing present on products. His promises were mainly centered on the industrializing the Philippines and using the talents and abilities of the Filipinos as a foundation of the country’s development.

Primary Programs:

1. Economic Nationalism

2. Granting amnesty to the HUK members- During the term of Manuel Roxas, he determined the Hukbalahap as enemies of the state which angered the group and various attempts to overthrow the government was organized. However, during the term of Quirino, he liberated the Huks from all the crimes that they committed given that they are considered as enemy of the country.

3. Economic Mobilization

Results of the Programs:

The Quirino administration was able to restore a few problems of the country particularly on the economic gains of the country. However, the country still faced the terrorism of the HUKBALAHAPS since the granting of amnesty and surrender of firearms of the members did not finish the feud between the military and the Huks. The president’s negligence on the problems of the majority with regards to the poverty problems of the people made him unpopular among the citizens.


The victory of the president was questioned in the election of 1949 which is considered as the one of the most dishonest elections recorded in the Philippines.

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