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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Philippine President: Ramon Magsaysay

Ramon Magsaysay ( 1953 - 1957 )

Condition of the Philippines:

The Philippines was undergoing huge reconstruction after the World War II when Ramon Magsaysay was elected as the third president of the republic.

Primary Problems:

Reconstruction of the state was one of the major projects of the government. Although there was the intention to fix the damage brought by World War II, the fund of the government was not enough and issues of corruption also rose that time.

Another major problem that the country had was the Huk rebellions within the Metro Manila. These huks were supposedly against the Japanese but after World War II they rebelled against the government.

Promises in the Election:

Magsaysay stated in that he will open Malacanang to public as a fulfillment as a campaign promise. He also brought up the idea Filipinos being equal to each other (“wala ng amo” or no more masters).

Primary Programs:

First of the principles is the declaration of the Constitution that “sovereignty resides in the people and all government authority emanates from them. This means that all people in public office are but servants of the people.

“ I will have such men. From this day, the members of my administration, beginning with myself, shall cease to belong to our parties, to our families, even to ourselves. We shall belong only to the people.

In the administration of public affairs, all men entrusted with authority must adhere firmly to the ideals and principles of Constitution.

I will render-and demand-uncompromising loyalty to the basic tenet of our Constitution: that you the people, are sovereign.

The rule of the government must be service to you.Accordingly, I pledge my administration to your service.

I pledge that we shall be guardians of freedom and dignity of the individual."

The Bill of Rights shall be, for me and the members of my administration, a bill of duties. We shall be guardians of the freedom and dignity of the individual.
The land tenure system of our country shall be re-examined, to purge it of injustice and oppression. “Land for the landless” shall be more than just a catch-phrase. We will translate it into actuality. We will clear and open for settlement our vast and fertile public lands which, under the coaxing of willing hearts and industrious hands, are waiting to yield sustenance to millions of our countrymen” (Magsaysay’s Inaugural Address).

Results of the Programs:

Agrarian Reform- During his presidency, he put an end to the Land Settlement Development Corporation (LASEDECO) and instead founded the National Resettlement and Rehabilitation Administration (NARRA) to eliminate the nonconformists and landless farmers. This administration focused for the nonconformists which provided them homeland and farmland in Palawan and Mindanao.


Many have said that Ramon Magsaysay is one of the best presidents in the Philippines for they say that he has a kind heart and he is a very down to earth person. They believe that he is the most popular of all the presidents in the republic and though he did contributed a lot to the country, there were still some who hated him for they do not agree with his belief. One of the most controversial issues is his death. Some would say that is only an accident, but according to some articles it was planned that they planted a bomb in the airplane he died with.

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