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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Philippine President: Joseph Estrada

Joseph Estrada (1998-2001)

Condition of the Philippines:

-Rampant crimes
-Graft and corruption throughout the government

Primary problems:

-Rampant crimes
-Rich getting richer, poor getting poorer
-Pork barrel or kick back issues

Promises in the Election:

-Speed up the improvement of the living conditions of the common people for them to have a fairer share of the national wealth they create and a bigger stake in their own country.

-Improve the economy

-Time for the masses to enjoy first priority in the programs of the government.

-Housing programs, feeding programs, education and health programs, peace and security, jobs with dignity, infrastructure.

– to raise the masses productivity and income.

-“What wealth will be generated will be more equitably shared. What sacrifices are demanded will be more evenly carried.”

-“You will not be alone again in making sacrifices, and you will not be the last again to enjoy the rewards when they come.”

-Ask the rich to take a share of the sacrifices commensurate with their strength.

-Stamp out crime big and small.

-Provide basic services without the extra cost of pork barrel or kickback

–give a government that works

-Protect the interest of OFWs

-Peace and harmony to society

Primary Programs:

-Erap (Education, Research and Assistance Program) para sa mahirap

-To initiate, provide and establish education, research and other forms of assistance programs and services to poor but deserving citizens of our country, and to foster mutual assistance and self-reliance by promoting livelihood and self-help programs.

Results of Programs:

Economy began to suffer and the Philippine peso suffered devaluation.


-Involvement in various illegal activities a nd pocketing vast sums of money from illegal gambling protection money as well as skimming from tobacco taxes.

-Was charged with bribery, graft and corruption, betrayal of the public trust and violation of the constitution.

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