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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Module 4: Philippine Presidents: Gloria Macapagal - Arroyo

Gloria Macapagal Arroyo ( 2001-to the present )

Condition of the Philippines:

-The fruits of the Second EDSA revolution.

-Chief Justice has just proclaimed the presidential position vacant.

-The reigning vice president, Gloria Arroyo is to assume the position.

-The petitions of the former president Joseph Estrada with his clarifications regarding the terms Gloria Arroyo will be taking.

Primary Problems:

-The confusion of whether or not Gloria Arroyo will permanently assume the presidential seat of Joseph Estrada or not.

-The scandals the former president has been linked to, namely his kickback allegations, mistresses and alias bank accounts all over the world is yet to be settled.

Promises in the Elections:

-Win the fight against poverty.

-Establish a government ruled with good governance.

-Create a new image for the politicians in her campaign for a new politics.

Results of Programs:

-There were more infrastructures built during her term counting even those which was already started but never finished. Her example to this was the Subic-Clark-Tarlac Expressway. She has also built and upgraded new and existing airports and the roll on/roll off system.

-She has created new job opportunities from the BPO and tourism sectors. -She has created resources that will serve and support the welfare of the people through increase in government salaries and cash handouts.

-Has distributed lands to the landless of over 700,000 native farmers.

-Has created business opportunities for the small entrepreneurs through microfinance loans.

- Has helped in the housing problems through programs like Pag-IBIG, NHA, Community Mortgage Program, Certificated of Lot award and Restructuring Acts.

-Has built classrooms and trained teachers. She has also provided over 600,000 scholars nationwide.


-ZTE scandal and the fertilizer scam.

-“Hello Garci” Scandal

-Foreign trips

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